We partner with other organizations on reuse strategies, including murals, paint drives, and donating extra product to community-based programs. We are excited to expand our focus by sharing how we use the power of business to help create social and environmental solutions for our industry. If you have graffiti in your neighborhood, are interested in partnering, or would simply like to learn more, please contact us!


Stripe it Out is a simple way for us to support our team’s creativity while giving back to the community. Using leftover paint from past projects, our crew members place colorful stripes over graffiti to brighten these areas and deter further vandalism. Although we try to reduce the amount of waste on our job sites, we often have leftover paint that can be put toward this good use.


We re-purpose usable interior latex paints from our clients and friends and make them available to the community. We often receive brand new gallons of paint as well. Priority is given to community organizations, non-profits, public art, urban beautification projects, neighborhood spring cleaning events, and any other cause that promotes positive relationships throughout our communities. Homeowners are also encouraged to submit their request.

  • Paint is 100% recycled, usable latex house paint.
  • All paint is strained, batched and mixed.
  • New color palettes released 2-3 times per month.

We currently do not have any paint available. Please contact us to be notified when new color palettes are released.