In latin, NOVO means “anew, refresh, revive.” This symbolizes not only our daily work and what we can do for a client’s space, but also a revival of my personal values and how they apply to each project. I am committed to creating authentic relationships with clients, employees and the community, and excited to develop new connections everyday. Sustainability in the built environment has been a core value of mine throughout my career. My work in latex paint stewardship has evolved over the past few years and continues to move forward.

I invite you to discover more about NOVO…




Our mission is to develop and maintain positive relationships with our team, clients, and community through quality service, professionalism, and sustainability.


We have experience in both residential and commercial projects of various sizes, and work with homeowners, designers, facility managers, real estate agents, and property managers. Although our primary service involves painting, we also serve our client’s small handyman needs.


We believe in building a relationship through consistent service. A successful project depends strongly on a clear scope and sense of expectations, but we understand that flexibility is key to meet the changing needs of a project. Our services can be customized and we will work closely with you to ensure your satisfaction.

Facility Paint Maintenance: We specialize in serving corporate facilities and are familiar with working in high-security areas. You can expect our team members to conduct themselves in a professional manner in any work space.


Respect and professionalism are core values that we hold ourselves to when working in the privacy of our client’s homes. We work in an efficient manner to create the least amount of disruption, without compromising quality.

Our focus is on the proper preparation of surfaces, which is the key to ensuring a beautiful finish. The paint application process is determined by our customer’s preference, which can involve a range of finishes. We collaborate and assist with each step, from color selection and tips on preparing for our arrival to daily job updates.


We partner with other organizations on reuse strategies, including murals, paint drives, and donating extra product to community-based programs.


Are you consistently over-ordering paint? Do you have shelves upon shelves of old paint cans taking up valuable storage space?

NOVO has helped several of our corporate clients standardize and reduce the amount of paint they use in their facilities, saving them money and storage space. We also specialize in developing paint stewardship opportunities for our clients that divert leftover paint for reuse by the local community. 

We will gladly provide you with a free paint audit to determine if we can improve your paint purchasing, storage and disposal practices.